Could you Sacrifice your Little Black Dress for the Black T-shirt Campaign?


The festive party season is upon us. I have my own office party this week and like many people I have been planning my outfit for weeks. I had a look around the shops for a new dress but couldn’t find anything I really loved within my price bracket; my conscience also wouldn’t allow me to buy anything new when I knew I had dresses at home. So lo and behold, not only am I wearing a dress that I already own, I wore it for my birthday this year (I’m putting a sparkly cardie over it – they’ll never notice).

The question is could I give up my LBD for a campaign tee? That is exactly what the Black T-shirt Campaign is asking us to do. Founded by US-based Angela Gale, the Black T-shirt Campaign asks you to wear their campaign tee at any social event you attend for a block of time, and donate the money you would have spent on a new outfit to the work of an anti-human trafficking charity. Wearing the campaign t-shirt will help to raise awareness of the unethical practices embedded within the fashion industry and get people talking.

It’s a great idea and Angela needs our help to get it off the ground. They are looking to raise $5,500 through Kickstarter in order to produce the t-shirts which will be manufactured by American Apparel and hand screen-printed by Angela. For $25 you can pre-order your own campaign tee. Check out the campaign page here.

Angela TEAM photo

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