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Just before Christmas Jessica got in touch from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a guest blog she thought would interest my readers. I’m very happy to post it here as it discusses three brands/designers I hadn’t heard of. Zem Joaquin is editor of Ecofabulous on the Huffington Post US – well worth a look. Next, Project Just builds on the ‘who made your clothes?’ question to create a wikipedia of fashion. You can search a particular brand for easy to understand info on their labour and environmentally record before making an informed choice whether or not to buy from them. All sorts of brands are listed from adidas to Chanel. Finally, Lara Miller creates ethical fashion locally in Chicago. The vibrant designs are really fun and choosing to focus on local US manufacturing makes this brand stand out.

by Jessica Johnston, Environmental Sciences student at SUNY ESF.

“Going Green” isn’t just for the environment anymore, but sustainable trends are making tremendous inroads in today’s dynamic fashion and home design industries. Zem Joaquin, Annie McCourt, and Lara Miller are three women who support saving the earth by taking their love for the environment and design expertise to new heights. These three eco-designers create environmentally-friendly high fashion and housing for socially responsible consumers by using recyclable and sustainable clothing and construction materials. Their philosophy is simple: a healthy, sustainable environment doesn’t have to be sacrificed for high quality design.

Zem Joaquin

Founder of Eco Fabulous, an insider’s guide to stylish, sustainable living, Joaquin, has a strong conviction about fashion and interior design that doesn’t harm the environment. Joaquin says, “I want to look super glamorous, but I don’t want anyone suffering for my glamor.” In 2009, Joaquin discovered her two children were suffering from asthma caused by household toxins. Her quest to make her home eco-friendly led to the creation of a blog called EcoFabulous and a commission as a sustainable designer for the Dwell on Design show. Today, Joaquin has become an eco-chic guru—sharing sustainable design solutions with A-list celebrities and e-commerce giant Ebay. She also works with an environmental nonprofit, Global Green USA.


Just logo

Project JUST, is a new start-up hoping to make the fashion supply chain more transparent by connecting suppliers with designers and consumers through their online database. The co-founders, Shahd Al-Shehail and Natalie Grillon, had a main motivation when creating JUST, they wanted to enable the fashion industry to create not only beautiful but inherently ethical clothing. JUST has created a “buy one give one” model. Brands of a similar mission such as, TOMS and Warby Parker Sunglasses, JUST has a social mission that they want to accomplish. By creating their online database where designers can engage and contact suppliers and their customers comfortable sleep environment possible. Logo source

Lara Miller

Lara Miller eco fashion

Chicago native and sustainable designer Lara Miller recycles vintage patterns and scrap fabric to create a clothing collection described as “sultry, sophisticated, and as endlessly variable as the woman who wears them.” Drawing inspiration from the Chicago skyline, Miller incorporates geometric shapes, innovative lines, and eco-chic styling into dresses and separates that go from comfortably casual to steamy and sophisticated. Crafted from eco-friendly organic cotton, hemp, vegan silk, and hand-loomed bamboo, the entire collection is nothing short of stunning. Miller is passionate about eliminating waste in the fashion industry and uses only recycled patterns, scrap craft paper, scrap fabric and low-impact reactive dyes manufactured from minimal amounts of petroleum byproducts and water. Photo source

There are many other influencers and designers that are doing amazing work in the field. Who are some of your favourites?

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