Funds Needed to Produce The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold

A team headed by director and journalist Leah Borromeo, a former foreign news editor at Sky News, are hoping to produce a feature documentary about Indian cotton farmer suicides (of which there have been nearly 300,000), pesticides and fashion.

The film will unpick why up to 26 Indian farmers a day have committed suicide and will trace the clothes we wear from seed to shop. They’ll meet cotton farmers, suppliers, loan sharks, manufacturers, designers, economists, environmentalists, corporations, shoppers – everyone from the fields and factories of India to the high streets and catwalks of London, asking the question, “when you bag a bargain, who pays for it?”

It is a fantastic project but really needs our support. When we think of ethical fashion, most people’s first thoughts are avoiding sweatshops whilst the cotton farmers are often forgotten, but with cotton demand at an all-time high, farmers across the world are struggling to keep up with the demands of the supply chain. Forced to use more and more pesticides, we are polluting our planet and pushing farmers into cycles of debt.

The makers behind the film say, ‘The narrative of the film will be hard-hitting and dark while hopefully getting audiences angry and excited enough to work for supply chain transparency.’

You can watch the trailer and read a bit more about the film here:

A private foundation is willing to put in £25,000, but that’s only if they can match it. They need another £8k to reach their crowdfund target of £18k before 9th November. We’ve had the TV shows about sweatshops, I really hope they pull this off and manage to build more awareness of this other part of the supply chain. It all starts with the farmer.

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