H+M Conscious Collection

Last week the High Street fashion chain H+M launched an ethics led collection called ‘Conscious’. The range is available for women, men and kids and uses organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel. I’m always a bit sceptical about large giants claiming to be ethical, there’s always the chance that they are using a small ethical range to move the sustainability limelight off their main collections. UK managing director Magnus Olsson said the retailer had made the commitment as customers were becoming increasingly interested in ethical sourcing. You could say if they really do care, why not use organic cotton and recycled materials across the whole collection? The answer is that there is simply not enough organic cotton available yet, which would make sourcing for a fast fashion retailer extremely difficult.

I am well aware that many people think ethical fashion is too expensive, well the Conscious collection does not fit into this generalisation. An organic women’s top is priced £7.99. H+M say they kept prices low by pre-booking large quantities of cotton. The result is an affordable, accessible and fashionable collection which I think is a great accomplishment for the retailer. If it is manufactured ethically as well, as they say it is, they make the whole process look rather easy! They also announced today that they have pledged to source all their cotton from sustainable sources by 2020.
Have a look at this video.

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