Magazines Love Miu Miu

So we all know what will be THE dress of next season now. When I found out that Vogue and Elle had both put the same dress on their front cover for August, I ran straight down to Smiths to check for myself. American magazine W, also chose the same Miu Miu dress from the fashion house’s A/W 10 collection. This is pretty much unheard of, and has caused quite a media frenzy. The thing is, the dresses aren’t exactly the same, Vogue chose the orange version, Elle plumped for the lilac lace style, and well, the dress is insignificant for W’s cover as it fights for attention against Eva Mendes’ cleavage. I find it hard to believe that Miu Miu’s press team were oblivious to the clash, they should know where their samples are at all times. Although it was said that Elle had planned to use the cover for the September issue but moved it forward (better than scurrying behind in Vogue’s footsteps).

Although the magazine editors were obviously quite annoyed, like when you turn up to a party and someone is wearing the same dress as you, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. It shows that trends do actually mean something, that the magazines which influence our shopping choices are on the same wave length as each other, it sets the mood for the season. And WH Smiths did ok out of it too, I spent over £12 on magazines that day.

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