Muse Two Artisan Bag

By paying a premium for luxury designer goods you would expect that they are made ethically. Although luxury brands do, in the main, source the best materials and craftsmanship, few make claims to specific ethical qualities. Now Stefano Pilati, head of Yves Saint Laurent, has launched an ethical version of the coveted ‘it’ bag ‘Muse ΙΙ’. The ‘Muse ΙΙ Artisanal Recycled’ bag is made from recycled plastic bags and woven cotton, produced by women in Burkina Faso.

You would never guess that it’s made from recycled plastic bags, evidence that luxury fashion brands could be more adventurous with materials. At £1500, it’s probably the most expensive ethical bag around, but then this isn’t just any old bag is it, it’s an ethical ‘it’ bag.

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