Museum Needlework

I have been doing voluntary work at my local museum, helping move the needlework and textiles collections to a new location. I love it, it doesn’t bother me that I’m giving up my time for free because I’m learning so much. They mainly have local church textiles, school uniforms, smocks and bonnets and accessories. They also have samplers like the one above, the pieces that young girls would work on at school to show different stitches.

It’s amazing seeing the time and care that has gone into making these objects by hand. Things are so different now – we can pop into a shop and buy a new garment so cheaply and because its so cheap and easy to acquire we get rid of it just as easily. I sometimes think I’m in the wrong time! Back when textiles were made with love and treasured, that has to be better?? I know the ‘slow textile’ movement is around, I went to a conference about it last year, but it needs to be more mainstream.

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