Organic Guilt Free Green Tees from No Nasties

If like me, you’re always on the look-out for stylish, ethical fashion brands, look no further than No Nasties. No Nasties create fabulous organic cotton, fair trade t-shirts for men and women. Their clothes are great quality and very reasonably priced, their website informative and their branding fun and cute. Here you’ll see me modelling the Love is Black* tee available in white or peach.

You might have seen my recent post publishing the plight of Leah Borromeo who hopes to produce a feature documentary about Indian cotton farmer suicides, but needed more funds. Well they reached their crowd funding target and are going ahead with production, looking at the very same issues that No Nasties was set up to address. Issues such as these, posted on the No Nasties website:

30 minutes – That’s the rate at which farmers are committing suicide in India, 250,000 suicides in 15 years. One every half an hour!
60 million – That’s the number of child labourers in India

No Nasties are made from 100% organic cotton with eco-friendly manufacturing, water based dyes, clean working conditions and fair treatment of workers. The final tees are beautifully soft. Interestingly, the tees’ labelling picks up on something I looked into for my masters; the idea of providing ‘nutrition facts’ just like you get on food, clearly displaying the product’s qualities. Be sure to check out the No Nasties website for more info, and to order your own!

*Seems you lost your way last night
And you were back here by daylight
Now your words are black and cold
And your lines are tired and old
Nature is calming me
Because your love was harming me
And now I shed that coat of harm
I wasn’t safe there in your arms

Look out
Your love is black
(Kaskade . . . unrelated to No Nasties . . . just because)

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I Owe You – Ethical fashion and social media

IOU is a Madrid based ethical fashion venture which has just launched. The difference with IOU is their pioneering use of social media and internet. The journey starts in Tamil Nadu, India, where artisan weavers produce hand woven madras check cotton. Each weaver needs 4 or 5 days to produce an eight metre roll of fabric. Hand woven cotton is not only environmentally friendly, but provides sustainable jobs for artisan groups. The fabric is then turned into garments and accessories at manufacturers in Europe.

IOU has no physical retail presence and will, for the time being, be relying on internet sales. When you log onto the website you will be able to see all of the great products they are offering. Every piece has a link to its ‘journey’ so you can find out who made the fabric and where the item was manufactured. Each item is also identifiable by a QR (quick response) code, not something that is new now, but its use in the fashion industry is very limited. Tracking the supply chain is something which a number of ethical retailers now provide online, Made-By has an online ‘track and trace’ system for tracking products by Jackpot, Pure, Kuyichi and others, for example. But the unique feature of IOU is the opportunity for two-way communication. Consumers of the products can take a picture of themselves wearing it and upload it to the site to allow the artisan producers to see their creations being enjoyed.

IOU will also be relying on social media to lead to sales. Individuals, like you and me, can become sellers for the project by having our own ‘trunk sale’. More information is available on the site, but these sellers will publicise the products through facebook, twitter and blogs to gain commission on all sales they generate.

IOU have some lovely products, for men and women. Each item is slightly unique and supports artisan producers in India. It’s great to see an ethical brand really focusing on innovation and creating new links to reach consumers.

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