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Spring Beauty: The Story of the Daffodil

Signs of spring are starting to shine through. On the way to work today I passed lots of daffodils. Daffodils are my favourite flower! They are a sure sign of spring, a bright yellow beacon of life emerging from the … Continue reading

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Brand Watch: Nomads Clothing Fairtrade Since 1989

Nomads Clothing began with a beautiful story. Founded by a pair who met whilst backpacking around India in the 1980s, they snapped up £200 worth of ethnic clothing and headed back to sell it in the UK. Returning to India … Continue reading

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SWAGS World do Christmas with Sustainable Artisan Crafts

Christmas is fully upon us. I know this because my weekly Sunday paper has doubled in size under the weight of branded gift guides, the Christmas market has opened in town and television adverts are united in a singular voice … Continue reading

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Shop Traidcraft for the UK’s Widest Range of Fair Trade Products

Do we buy fair trade goods to make a political statement, because we want to help others or because we believe it’s morally just? It’s a question that circles debates on ethical consumption, but whether consumers seek out fair trade … Continue reading

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Liv Organic Fashions ‘For Life, For Style’

Liv is a small clothing brand with big ideas. They believe that fashion can be beautiful and ethical, thinking clearly evident in their products. Liv first launched in 2005 with the belief that by building an ethical and sustainable business … Continue reading

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Politicising Consumption: The Ethical Consumer

“Ultimately everyone thinks about themselves I think and it saves you money, affects your local environment, you go for it, but it’s very hard to see the effects of fair trade; you don’t know . . . They are all … Continue reading

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