Exchange and Shop for Pre-Loved Fashion at Bang Bang Clothing Exchange

Bang Bang Clothing Exchange in London has a simple but effective model. They buy clothing and accessories from people who no longer want them and sell them on to people who do. They have been trading for more than 12 years and have two shops – one on Goodge Street and one on Berwick Street. I discovered them on Goodge Street by chance a few years ago whilst hunting down a Nandos, and immediately fell in love with the place.

Bang Bang is like the best bits of a vintage store and charity shop combined. Because they deal with any good quality second-hand clothing they have everything from Topshop to vintage Chanel. I’ve bought a handful of items from them in the past, my favourite being a pair of navy velvet Twenty8Twelve knickerbockers!

The shop is crammed full of beautiful things at sensible prices. Every time I look in a place like this I wonder why I ever bother buying new at all, with so many lovely things waiting to be re-homed. If you have some pieces that you no longer wear, Bang Bang makes it super easy to sell them on. Just take your pre-loved clothes into one of their shops and the staff will decide there and then what they want to buy off you. Their cash offer is typically 25-30% of their selling price; otherwise you could take the exchange offer (typically 45-50% of the selling price). For more information check out their website

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A Very Vintage Day in London

Yesterday I went up to London for a bit of Vintage Shop scouting. Following on from my London’s Best Charity Shops article for Ms Wandas Wardrobe, I had been asked to write a similar piece on London’s Best Vintage Shops. You will have to wait for the final blog to be published on Ms Wandas for my top picks but here are some of the highlights from my afternoon.

London is fantastic for both charity and vintage shops; the only downside is their spatial distribution (to use geography speak). My feet still hurt now as I write and I lost count of how many tubes I jumped on to find the very best of the best. There’s a massive difference between what you will find in Camden town and what you’ll find in Notting Hill. I can proudly say I displayed full self-discipline and didn’t buy a single thing, mind fully focused on the job at hand of course.

I ended the day at the special evening opening of the Gathering Goddess, a beautiful vintage boutique in Notting Hill. Founded by Wilma Mae in 1992, the Gathering Goddess has spent many a year selling online before opening this store just a couple of months ago on Westbourne Park Road. They stock the very best vintage pieces and designer labels, making life easier for the discerning client. Wilma is a joy to speak to, hugely knowledgeable on fashion history and designers. In-house skilled seamstress Adrianna ensures that each piece realizes its full potential, as well as offering an alterations and restorations service. A must visit.

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