First Collection of Ethical Men’s Shirts by Arthur & Henry

Arthur & Henry is a brand new label offering the UK’s first collection of ethical men’s shirts. The press release says ‘Finally, what eco minded men (and women) have been waiting for’ and they are quite right. Beautiful work and casual shirts made from sustainable fabrics – why has this not been done before?

Ethical fashion isn’t about buying your token organic cotton tee; it’s about changing the way you dress on a daily basis. Shirts are a wardrobe staple – for women as much as men, and now ethically minded individuals can opt for the ethical choice when dressing every day. Arthur & Henry launched this summer by founders Mark and Clare Lissaman (brother and sister) and Sreeranga Rajan. The name Arthur & Henry derives from Mark and Clare’s great-grandfather and grandfather.

The summer collection, available exclusively online now, includes five styles in ten fabrics. Shirts in the collection include classic double and single cuff as well as contemporary shirts in single cuff, along with casuals in floral, plaid and fine linen shirts. They are made in India using organic fairly traded cotton or linen (the least environmentally-damaging material available – production is mostly chemical-free) and all dyes used are azo-free or vegetable-dye.

Attention to detail is second to none. The shirt seams are sewn with 20 stitches per inch, which compares with the more standard 14-15 stitches per inch to make the shirts more durable and create a smoother silhouette. All buttons are attached with thermo-fused thread with lock stitches so they shouldn’t come loose.

So how much will an Arthur & Henry shirt set you back? Well prices range from £65 to £85, which I think compares very favourably to designer shirts which aren’t half as good quality. Arthur & Henry – I wish you well.

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